From a young age, Zaiah Burke has always been a go-getter. While growing up in Newport News, VA, he was always determined to go after what he wanted and to achieve the goals that he set. Not only did he see himself as a go-getter, he put action behind that thought. Anything that he wanted to achieve Zaiah went after it with full force. By applying the tools that he developed through years of reading and training, he was able to develop skills to sharpen his craft.


That spirit and energy stayed with Zaiah and is still with him to this day. Now, as a father of four, the spirit of determination and hustle has afforded him many opportunities and experiences. This allowed him to land a career with Wyndham Destination as a successful Sales Representative and Specialist Presenter. While there, Zaiah has been the recipient of the President’s Club Award. 


As a successful salesman, Zaiah has had the ability to travel and explore a myriad of cities as a public speaker and presenter. Through those speaking engagements, Zaiah built relationships with many people who all have one common goal -- learning the tools to manage and maintain a positive mindset. As a speaker, he shares the tools of how to develop a positive mindset with actionable steps that create long-lasting, impactful, and effective change. People leave Zaiah’s speaking engagements motivated and excited to take the next steps in life. Zaiah is able to help people start to develop a change in mindset that will help open up new doors in their lives. 


Now, with almost a decade of experience, Zaiah runs Manage Your Mindset, LLC (MYM), which aims to provide resources and tools for those who aspire to reach their maximum potential. MYM also provides a mentorship program for young men.


As a father, author, and mentor, Zaiah is grateful to have the ability to teach others how to manage the mind properly so that they will flourish and grow. 


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